Posted by: Ophelia | November 4, 2009

Rihanna To Speak Out On ‘Good Morning America’


Although Rihanna hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident in the nine months since it happened, Brown has given several high-profile interviews in which he talked about the assault as well as his breakup from the singer.

Rhianna’s new cd is about to come out and it would have been impossible for her to do the interview without the assault coming up so it seems like she’s facing it head on.

Speaking to “Good Morning America,” the singer will send the message, “This happened to me. … It can happen to anyone,” according to excerpts of the interview released on Tuesday (November 3).

Up until this point the issue has been innundated with their peers excusing Brown’s assault on his girlfriend under the guise of not judging and similarly Brown has been showing his ass as my mother would say with obnoxious interviews about “mistakes” and posting twitter pictures of himself and Rhianna bemoaning the way they were–you know, before he assaulted her. Hopefully Rhianna’s interview will counter act some of the bullshit excuses and suppositions surrounding the assault.


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