This about page is likely a work in progress.

So, why do we write this blog?
We wanted to focus more on the intersectionality of feminism with all the other isms that affect women. We recognize that no one’s identity is simply that of gender, and that it is possible to be affected by a multifarious cavalcade of prejudice and injustice along with that of sexism. The posts are constructed in a manner meant to view issues through the feminist perspective keeping a critical eye on the additional issues (or “isms”) affecting the issue or event.

Even within feminism, some women are left behind, their voices silenced by the propagation of the myth that all women face the same obstacles because they share the same gender. We wanted to provide a space where intersectionality within feminism could be tackled rather than ignored or only briefly touched upon.



  1. What a thoroughly excellent idea behind a blog!

  2. I think this is a wonderful approach. Congratulations, and best wishes for blogging.

  3. Thanks and thanks again!

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