Posted by: Ophelia | April 14, 2008

The vanguard of online feminism

I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together on BFP/Amanda issue that’s been buzzing about the blogs I frequent. Luckily, belledame222 stumbled across Feminocracy, and I then stumbled across their excellent post about the incident.

I suppose I haven’t said anything about it because I didn’t feel familiar enough with the matter to speak on it. The immediate reaction I had was a visceral sort of ache I suppose. This blog is the baby of a bid for intersectionality that’s missing in all the name brand feminist blogs. They cart off issues about race, ethnicity, ability, education, prison, and more to the side of the more important issues of sexism and well…sexism. The issues that affect non white, non heterosexual, non able bodied women are treated as incidental, they’re “quick hits” and not worthy of day to day discussion. They’re not normal, not like the issues of white women are. I admit, I am jealous, I mean they get so much press, so much attention, and they claim to speak for young women but what about me? No one really cares what I have to say, I don’t have the advertisers, the book deals, or the fan base to get my message out there. I would feel all the more silenced to have my words co-opted and taken by one of the big names. On the internet, like in real life, the more attention you have, the more you are valued, the wider your audience becomes. I mean we’re supposed to be a community, linking and sharing and learning and considering I just started this blog to offer what I felt was missing, this incident sort of knocked the wind out of me. I still have to collect my thoughts, really.



  1. Well–welcome to blogging, anyway, and hang in there. The other people are out there; it just takes a little longer to find each other, sometimes. Glad you’re starting this, anyway.

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